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Abby Park Restaurant Policies

We kindly ask that our guests choose attire that is both polished and suited to our restaurant. Thank you for not wearing excessively revealing clothing including exposed undergarments, clothing emitting marijuana odor, and clothing with offensive language or graphics.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and offensive language.

No vaping of any kind is permitted.

We do not seat incomplete parties. We can only hold reserved tables for 15 minutes beyond the reserved time.

We do not accept Apple Pay.

Outside Cake Fee is $3 per person, from a licensed bakery.

Gratuity will be added for parties of 6 or more and or checks over $200.

No balloons or confetti.


Please note that guests are responsible for providing a phone number when cashing out to ensure proper crediting of rewards. Our staff may not always ask for this information. Failure to provide your phone number at the time of purchase may result in the inability to credit rewards beyond 14 days from the transaction. Additionally, guests must manage their loyalty accounts by using the Toast Takeout app. It is important for guests to download and use the app to ensure that all their information is up to date in order to receive loyalty points.


We appreciate your patronage and cooperation,

Abby Park Management Team